The 3X802Z is designed for medium to large inshore and offshore species alike. It's ideal for deep holding Striped Bass, suspending Cobia and Tarpon. And it's a "go to" bait when school sized tuna are dialed in on smaller bait or during stronger tides. The heavier, elongated head design allows the bait to get down to fish cruising deeper in the water column increasing the likelihood of a strike. This bait offers the robust 3X Owner size 7/0 Super Needle Point Saltwater Jig Hook. 

Original Series 8" 2.5oz Green Glow (3X802L)

  • Overall Length: 9 1/2” (240mm) Total Weight: 2.5oz (75g)
    Head:Originally Series 2.5oz Painted Lead with 7/0 Owner Super Strong Needle Point Hook
    Tail: RonZ (8BT) 8" Standard Profile Tail, 1/2oz
    Total Lure Weight Rigged: 2.5oz

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