The #4X802Z our midsized bait of the series this lure packs plenty of power for its size. Utilizing the same advanced design of its larger cousin the 102Z, it’s built to catch larger fish feeding on smaller forage. This bait will often produce when larger presentations fail. It has successfully landed tuna over 200lbs. This size RONZ also makes a great troll or drift bait.

Big Game Series 8" Black Pearl (1.75oz)

  • Head:(4XZH1) 1.25oz Tin, 300lb Krok Swivel Eye, 300lb Through-Wire, 7/0 Gamakatsu HD Hook
    Tail: RonZ (8BT) 18" Standard Profile Tail, .5oz
    Total Lure Weight Rigged: 1.75oz

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