The #4X104Z is a heavier version of the flagship10" HD Series RonZ® line. This size and series is will be your favorite for targeting large tuna and other big game species especially when you need just a little bit more weight. With a casting weight of just over 5 oz. It will go the distance needed, even when cast with heavy braid and leader. It sinks faster than the Standard 10" Big Game HD making it ideal for getting down quickly to fast streaking fish, holding its self well in heavy current or just trying to get down away from pesky surface feeding birds that normally take a swipe at casted artificials. On Spinning gear this bait can be dropped to 300ft with little effort. Fish find this sinking action irresistible.The 4X104Z is Ideally suited for Larger Tuna and other large game fish over the 100lb mark. No other lure on the market can match this bait’s combination of catchability and extreme load strength. 

10" Big Game HD 5.0 - Black Pearl (5oz)

  • Head:(4XZH4) 4oz Tin, 500lb Krok Swivel Eye, 500lb Through-Wire, 9/0 Gamakatsu HD Hook
    Tail: RonZ (10BT) 10" Standard Profile Tail, 1.5oz
    Total Lure Weight Rigged: 5+oz

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